The Destressor Event

On July 12, Reach Out Together will be hosting its second event at Parlour 270 in downtown, Toronto. Initiated by Aanchal Vashistha,  The Destressor Event  will be held in honour of her late twin brother and UofT alumnus, Tushar Vashistha, who passed away due to an undetected mental illness. With a goal to help young professionals unwind and network at the same time, the event will feature a workout dance station, a board game station, and digital console game station along with distinguished speakers to help the crowd navigate through the topic of mental health.

The Destressor Event is Ms. Vashistha’s attempt to celebrate her twin brother’s life, while providing a platform for millenials to learn about mental health.


What is the event like?

– Smart, Casual, Relaxed
This event is for young professionals to come together and unwind while meeting new people and engaging in fun activities.


What is at the event?

– Workout Dance Routines for Beginners
– Quieter outdoor / patio for conversations while playing board games
– Digital zone with fun contests while playing PS4 and Xbox games
– Engaging speakers, helping attendees learn more about how to tackle Mental Health related issues
– 50 / 50 Lottery Draw **50% of the total $$ raised goes to charity and the other 50% goes to the raffle draw winner**
– Drinks and Snacks


Here is a chance for young professionals to come together and learn more about mental health and its stigma. Either you or someone close to you is suffering (more often silently) with mental health issues. Come learn how you can better handle the stress while having a lot of fun and meeting great people along the way.


Parlour – A cozy and intimate lounge where style, music, and art come together to compliment the entire vibe of this event.

RSVP and buy your tickets while they’re still available.

PRICE – $10 (online) / $20 (at the door)
All net proceeds go to CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Bring your friends, or come alone and make new friends. Either way this will be your contribution to showing you care about supporting and raising awareness about the importance of Mental Health in your community.