It is about having a sense of purpose, strong relationships, feeling connected to our communities, knowing who we are, coping with stress and enjoying life. And it’s never too early or too late to get there. But it’s not just about what you do for yourself, by yourself—everyone needs healthy and supportive places to work, live and learn.

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What is mental health?
What are mental health problems?
What is the difference between mental health problems and illnesses?
How common are mental health problems?
Mental health problems and specific populations
What is first aid and mental health first aid?
Treatments that work


Understanding mental illness
Symptoms of Mental Illness
5 Common mental health disorders
Substance-related disorders, mood-related disorders, anxiety-related disorders, trauma-related disorders and psychotic disorders
Warning Signs
Risk Factors
Recovery and who can help?

Mental Health In the Workplace

What is psychologically healthy workplace?
Risk factors
Why promoting mental health at work is important
Economic benefits of promoting mental health in the workplace
How you can help promote mental health in the workplace – as an employer AND as an employee

Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals and Supporters

First aid vs. Caregiving
Three main impacts of caring
What is self-care?
Tips for self-care
Develop a self-care plan

Mental Health Awareness Week *

The Mental Health Awareness Week Program is a program dedicated to a week full of activities to increase mental health awareness in the workplace. It includes educational, experiential interactive exercises, games, fitness, yoga and more to empower people to live a good quality of life.

We recognize the economic impact of mental illness. Through education, we can empower ourselves, address the stigma and gain control.

*Mental Health Awareness Week for corporations

Benefits of elevated mental health practices in the workplace:

  • Engagement
  • Morale
  • Satisfaction
  • Retention and recruitment
  • Productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Grievances
  • Health costs
  • Medical leave/disability
  • Workplace injuries