Mental Health Blog

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

International organizations will be marking a day specifically dedicated to suicide prevention and remembrance of those lost to suicide.

Suicide is a year-round public health crisis, but for institutions dedicated to tackling….

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Get Ready for World Reach Out Together Day!

It’s time to start your clocks to count down – we’re ONE MONTH away from our 4th annual World Reach Out Together Day! WoohooThis year, we are hosting a first of its kind, 12-hour Global Virtual Summit on Mental Health.

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Stand Together in the Fight Against Racism

Today, we are up against a global enemy that has previously remained unconquered – racism. We have been witnesses to – and some of us, victims of – the horrible incidences of baseless discrimination. 

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Medicating for a Mental Illness – The Why, What, and How

Today, let’s focus on something that’s even less talked about than any general mentions of mental health – medication. Yes, we mean anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills, and any medicines that 

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