Toronto, Ontario, July 5, 2017 – The Destressor Event is the buzz in Toronto. Bouncing off a hugely successful mental health awareness event, Rack Your Brains, which was held in Calgary, AB last month, Reach Out Together (ROT) Ambassadors are organizing their second; albeit, first major event in Canada’s largest feverish city.

Spearheaded, by Aanchal Vashistha, The Destressor Event aims to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health, while celebrating her twin brother Tushar Vashistha’s thrilling; though, short life. An outstanding Financial Services Manager at BMO Bank of Montreal, Mr. Vashistha suddenly ended his life due to an undetected mental illness. This unexpected predicament puzzled many of his colleagues including ROT Co-Founder, Kathy Chu.

“Most of us underestimate the value of de-stressing especially as young professionals with exorbitant expectations from our employers;” said, Ms. Chu. “We frequently put so much emphasis; spending numerous hours on developing careers, and sometimes at the expense of our relationships… – Yet, while excess achievement sounds irresistible at the onset, it often comes at an inconceivably great cost; particularly, when we neglect natural support systems that come along with our community of friends and family.”  Ms. Chu also cautioned young professionals to be mindful not to overstretch themselves to the point of breakdown and advised that as young people convene to celebrate the late Vashistha’s passing, they should reflect on that instance as a learning experience to all ambitious professionals.

The Destressor Event will be held on July 12 at the famous 270 Parlour Lounge located in Toronto’s downtown entertainment district. In a typical chilling fashion, The Destressor Event organizers promise to offer fun activities including workout dance routines, board games as well as a digital zone with PS4 and Xbox games. It will also feature legendry TEDx motivational speaker Samra Zafar who overcame teenage marriage challenges and domestic violence to become a successful business owner. Among other notable speakers will be an expert from CAMH Toronto and Aanchal Vashistha who will share her life trajectory in Nigeria, her perspective on wellbeing after the loss of twin brother Tushar Vashistha and her recent diagnosis with PTSD. “I went for therapy consultations and was advised that I have chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” revealed Ms. Vashistha. “Apparently I have had it since I was a little girl, and it was at that moment that I realised that perhaps Tushar was suffering from the same predicament.”

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