Every positive change starts with a small step. 

We work together towards one goal…

…to spread awareness and education about mental health across the world. We have a global team, made up of people of all ages, races, genders, ethnic and educational background, and walks of life, each of whom works to not only propel forward Reach Out Together’s mission in this world, but to create a supportive, inclusive community for all those who need it.


Reach Out Together, in its capacity as a Canadian non-profit organization for mental health, has been featured on CBC, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, 680 News, and independent podcasts run by entrepreneurs and activists, in recognition of the community work and services we provide.

Reaching out and forward to see change

Our dedicated team of volunteers works hard to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and advance our agenda of becoming the world’s largest community of changemakers. 

Get to Know Us

Our volunteers live the change they strive to create. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experiences:

Disha Chhadva, Program Coordinator

“I came across Reach Out Together through social media and instantly checked out their website. I was highly impressed with the kind of work they did and the whole idea about spreading mental health awareness in a very systematic way. After speaking to Aanchal, the CEO, my belief in this team got stronger and I joined as a Program Coordinator and Counsellor.

We receive distress emails from all across the world, and we help them find the right resources. We do not diagnose anyone, or provide professional services, but we definitely help them connect with professional help they need.

As a Program Coordinator, I get the opportunity to connect and learn constantly with so many people. We are constantly evolving for the better. I think it’s helping me build my skills and my network at the same time.”


Bradley Northcote, Public Relations Coordinator

“I first learned of Reach Out Together while covering the first World Reach Out Together Day as an intern at 680 News. I was immediately struck by Aanchal’s (and all of R.O.T.’s) sincerity, strength, and clarity of purpose. The tools I’ve picked up from our seminars and events have helped me help myself, and others, make positive changes for mental well-being.

I believe in emphasizing mental health as a community concern, because when we ourselves are or aren’t doing well, it impacts those around us. Maintaining positive mental health, in my view, is something we must do for ourselves, but something we need to do together.

As PR Director, I work mainly with the content team on putting out material such as our weekly newsletters, press releases, and event promotions. I work directly with Aanchal to strategize about our messaging across different platforms to potential volunteers, partnering organizations, and others.”

Ana Fonseca, Resource Outreach Coordinator

“ I learned about Reach Out Together (ROT) and its mission to empower people to de-stigmatize mental health and work towards recovery through a friend who was also in the mental health space. 

Upon joining R.O.T. I instantly found a family of like-minded individuals, a voice, and comfort in knowing that the work we do in this space matters and creates a real difference in the lives of those who are part of it. 

We all have mental health, and deserve to live a life full of wellness. I am proud to be part of an organization that looks to ensure that every person reached is equipped with the tools to improve their own mental health, because your personal mental health plays a huge role in every aspect of your life. 

As Resource Outreach Coordinator, my role involves identifying and reviewing appropriate resources for participants reaching out for mental health support around the world. In addition, I am responsible for the onboarding and training of new recruits – within the Resources team– as well as developing tools to evaluate our reach and impact. “

Our Motto : Community First

Our team is our first community. The mental health space can be a challenging line of work – we make sure to let our volunteers know how grateful we are for their support and energy through appreciation, awards, rewards, and resources. Two volunteer-focused approaches we run are Appreciation Days and Mental Health First Aid Trainings, as well as free access to our global Resource Outreach Program.

Reach out together to make change

Working at Reach Out Together is more than an experience – it is a defining moment, the one in which the world looks clear, in purpose and value. We believe in the power of conversation, community, faith, and recovery, and in providing them through relentless, mindful education.


Make a difference; make it matter.