“Breaking Down Mental Health Stigma”

Rack Your Brains, in conjunction with Reach Out Together (ROT) invites you to promote Mental Health Awareness

Calgary, AB, June 10, 2017: Rack Your Brains will hold a community-based event. The aim for this event is to foster a community around mental health awareness in Calgary.

Mental illnesses take many forms such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anger. The effects of mental illness can strike at any time, whether at home, amongst friends, or even at workplaces, affecting one’s well-being right at that moment.

For example, people who suffer from anxiety disorders have often felt elevated heart rates, unorganized thoughts and breathing difficulties. While these issues are just as strenuous as physical illnesses, many communities are unwilling to acknowledge it. Rack Your Brains aims to change perceptions by inviting young professionals to a night of healthy eats and relaxation, while discussing issues on mental health in a positive light.

With the support of ROT, the June 11 event is spearheaded by Saakhi-Yashica Chhatwal, a staunch mental health activist. All proceeds generated from this event will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division (CMHA). Keynote speakers Catherine MacAllister, a Peer Support Coordinator at CMHA and Aanchal Vashistha, Ambassador of ROT, will highlight the importance of mental health awareness. Ms.Vashistha will be sharing her personal journey battling mental health challenges for the first time.

“Being a person struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I understand the importance of initiating discussions, sharing stories concerning mental health and the stigma associated with it. I find that this stigma often prevents those fighting with such illnesses from seeking the help they need,” Ms. Vashistha said.

“I am really happy that Saakhi is organizing this event on the eve of her birthday, as a way to make a difference in her community. I strongly believe that TOGETHER we can achieve more, if we just reach out.”

Rack Your Brains will begin at 5 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at Discovery Pointe. The event will kick-off with a clothing swap, where participants will trade-in next-to-new pieces of clothing and the remainder will be donated to CMHA.

Along with being informative, this event will also include fun activities such as do-it-yourself spa table, healthy baked goods bar, Winnie Chan Photo-booth, refreshing smoothies and salad bar, silent auction as well as raffle draw.

For more information on the event, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1941087716110994/

Rack Your Brains is the premier event of Reach Out Together, and will be followed by another ROT event in Toronto called The Destressor Event. The Destressor Event will mark one year since the passing of University of Toronto’s distinguished alumnus, Tushar Vashistha, who was battling an undetected mental illness. His passing, along with the drive to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, motivated the founding of ROT. The Rack Your Brain organizers and volunteers are honoured to be the spring of this new season. 


Contact us: info@reachouttogether.com