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Aanchal Vashistha is a 2x Award-Winning Thought Leader, Bestselling Author of Success Strategies, International Speaker, and a Social Entrepreneur.

She moves audiences around the world as she shares her journey to recovery from suicide loss and advocates for wellness and success.

Her career started in technology working at CitiBank and moved to a digital advertising network. She also worked as a freelance consultant helping organizations with digital branding and communications strategy.

She is the author of Success Strategies co-authored with Jack Canfield (Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul) and also leads mindset transformational training for workplaces, schools and other community groups.

In the last 3 years, she has organized and spoken at over 40 events in 8 cities across 4 countries with a total reach of over 40,000 people. She has appeared on several media channels including – ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX news as well as on Hollywood Live TV Show interviewed by legendary, Jack Canfield.

Contact: aanchal@reachouttogether.com | Social Media: @AanchalVash

Content Supervisor, Reach Out Together Foundation

Contact: content@reachouttogether.com

Bradley Northcote

Public Relations Coordinator, Reach Out Together

Contact: pr@reachouttogether.com

IT & Graphics Coordinator, Reach Out Together

Contact: rishabh@reachouttogether.com

Disha Chhadva

Program Coordinator & Counsellor

Contact: resource@reachouttogether.com