About Us

Our Mission

To empower people to break the stigma against mental health and work towards recovery

Our Vision

To be the largest global network of mental health change makers

Our Focus

To make human lives better, peer to peer, community by community through educational and interactive programs, seminars/ webinars, workshops and events.

About Reach Out Together

REACH OUT TOGETHER is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization, empowering people to improve their mental health through educational and interactive programs. Reach Out Together was founded after the passing of our Founder Aanchal Vashistha’s twin brother, Tushar Vashistha to an undiagnosed mental illness. Aanchal’s goal is to encourage people to maintain good mental health globally. She says while sitting in class during her Mental Health First-Aid Certification in January 2017, she had a realization that her brother’s daily lifestyle reflected that he needed professional support and anyone with a basic level of mental health awareness would have been able to notice. She truly believes education creates awareness, awareness creates clarity and clarity helps people choose better responses.