About Us

Started in 2017 by University of Toronto alumnus Aanchal Vashistha, Reach Out Together began as a springboard from which communities would launch campaigns to address “the issues they care about.”

The issue Vashistha cares about most of all is mental health. Two years ago, her twin brother Tushar passed away to suicide in a condo both siblings had bought together.

While he had not been diagnosed, Aanchal says he had been suffering from untreated depression. Having lost an older brother to malaria and having seen his mother stricken with cancer, Tushar faced mental health struggles, but his response to them shocked his friends and family.

“About Founder, Aanchal Vashistha”

After the passing of her twin brother, Tushar to suicide; Aanchal founded Reach Out Together Corporation, to encourage people to maintain good mental health globally. She says while sitting in class during her Mental Health First-Aid Certification in January 2017, she had a realization that her brother’s daily lifestyle reflected that he needed professional support and anyone with a basic level of mental health awareness would have been able to notice. She truly believes education creates awareness, awareness creates clarity and clarity helps people choose better responses.

Aanchal now is an international public speaker, human performance success trainer and social entrepreneur. She moves audiences around the world as she advocates for life after trauma, inclusion, youth empowerment and workplace wellness.

Aanchal will be receiving an EXPY® Award at the Global Thought Leadership Summit for her accomplishments as an entrepreneur, expert and professional, in Hollywood, California this September 2019.

What’s next: She is currently an aspiring author and is targeted to launch her first book to be co-authored with Jack Canfield (Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul) in early 2019.

Contact: “aanchal@reachouttogether.com