Reach Out Together’s Programs: A Guide to Mental Health Knowledge & Resources

 Access to mental health knowledge and resources is as critical as ever. Reach Out Together’s new programs emphasize understanding and maintaining positive mental health for individuals and their networks.

These are unprecedented times of staying digitally connected while physically distancing. The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving. Mental health treatment, awareness, and the organizations working to educate about these issues must evolve with that response.

For several months, Reach Out Together ran the “Team Together Program”, a peer-to-peer support program with daily tasks over 21 days, centered around a monthly theme such as anxiety or anger management. These tasks were done individually and shared with the group, with the option of check-ins with an accountability partner.

The goal was to build a community around discussions of healthy habits for maintaining good mental health. It was a hub of knowledge, of support, and of respect.

Running the program took a lot of behind-the-scenes work, from planning the routine, to creating worksheets, to promoting and monitoring its progress through social media.

While building a positive mental health routine is important as our lives continue to be disrupted by COVID-19, a direct response with tools for an immediate crisis is crucial at this stage.

With this in mind, Reach Out Together is shifting its focus to offering guidance to the resources people need through our Resource Outreach Program, as well as basic education and training in Mental Health First Aid, to help people identify what they’re struggling with, what works for them to address it, and what doesn’t.

These programs reinforce our vision to be the largest global network of mental health changemakers, our mission to empower people to break stigma while working towards recovery, and our focus on peer-to-peer community support through educational and interactive workshops, seminars and events.

Our Resource Outreach Program acts as a liaison, connecting people who reach out to us with mental health resources in their area and following up to make sure they’ve found what works for them. A team of dedicated volunteers does the research, makes the initial connections, and keeps in communication to make sure you’ve found the right fit. This program is free of cost and simply requires you to register online.

Our upcoming Mental Health First Aid Training program is run at the end of every quarter by our founder, Aanchal Vashistha. Aanchal is a Certified Canfield Trainer, certified in Mental Health First Aid. Building on her lived experience with professional training, she is making this program a priority to help others recognize positive and negative signs of mental health so that they’re equipped to respond when a family member, friend, colleague, or someone they know is in crisis.

The Team Together Program has been a space for discussions and connections which will continue as the program itself comes to an end. We will continue to offer guidance in maintaining effective daily habits for positive mental health for anyone to practice on their own schedule — -emphasizing that this will take consistency and commitment, with or without a program to guide it.

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About Reach Out Together:

Reach Out Together is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization empowering people to improve their mental health, break stigma, and work toward recovery through educational and interactive programs and events. Reach Out Together has hosted outreach events across the world, from Toronto to Mumbai. Its vision for them is to make Reach Out Together the largest global network of mental health advocates.